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  • Aerial Ballet

    Aerial Ballet

    Brand: Pyro Predator
    Number of Shots: 220Packaging: 1/1

    This aerial artistry is a choreograpy of red, white and blue chrysanthemums and whistling tails to crackling pearls.

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  • Bravo Six Going Dark

    Bravo Six Going Dark

    Brand: Ghost Shadow
    Number of Shots: 100Packaging: 2/1

    Captain Price has ordered all communication to move to the private military channel to tell you about 100 shots of non-stop action featuring a wide variety of effects that will fill the sky.

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  • Comet Apocalypse

    Comet Apocalypse

    Brand: Kong
    Number of Shots: 184Packaging: 1/1

    Comet after comet takes flight to colorful breaks. A comet lovers dream.

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  • Hot Tamale

    Hot Tamale

    Brand: Pyro Predator
    Number of Shots: 250Packaging: 1/1

    250 shot zipper cake with red chasers to green and red with silver caps.

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  • Neon Butterfly

    Neon Butterfly

    Brand: Golden Bear
    Number of Shots: 54Packaging: 2/1

    Gorgeous angled butterfly effect of gold to neon colored mines with a finale through the middle. Absolutely gorgeous!

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