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Hale Fireworks has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small roadside stand in the 1970s to a thriving multi-state retail operation. Headquartered in Missouri, Hale Fireworks has expanded its reach to various locations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Indiana, South Dakota, and Texas.

As the premier destination for fireworks enthusiasts, Hale Fireworks caters to the tremendous demand during the 4th of July season by expanding its operations to include an impressive network of over 350 locations. This extensive presence allows customers from various states to access their vast selection of high-quality fireworks, firecrackers, and pyrotechnic products. Some of their best-known labels include Psycho Ex-Girlfriend, Pyro Gumbo, Juiced, House of Blues, Nuclear Sunrise, Zombie Town, Pyro Predator Canister Shells, The Legend of Chicken Joe, and the Firecracker Lady.

Hale Fireworks also caters to the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year by opening approximately 125 locations, making it convenient for customers to celebrate and enjoy fireworks during the holiday season.

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