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Hale Fireworks: RETAIL

What began as a small roadside stand in the 70's is now a retail operation that spreads across five states. Centrally located in Missouri, Hale Fireworks also has locations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Michigan, Indiana, South Dakota, and Texas. During the 4th of July season Hale Fireworks has around 350 locations and during the Christmas and New Year's Season around 125 locations are in operation.

Hale Fireworks specializes in bringing the highest quality fireworks to the masses for the most competitive prices. Pyro Predator, Golden Bear, Ghost Shadow, Shotgun and our new 2018 brand, Kong, are all exclusive brands that only Hale Fireworks provides. Hale Fireworks also is a distributor of Black Cat, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Dominator, Winda/Panda, Firehawk/Mighty Max, Supreme, T-Sky, Top Gun and Legend Fireworks.

For Retail inquiries please contact Sandy: Sandy@halefireworks.com

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