Hale Fireworks


     Hale Fireworks began over 60 years ago on a hot summer day, as a young couple named Bob and Jane Hale began operating a small roadside fireworks stand in Buffalo, MO. It wasn’t much to look at but they did have a nice selection of fuzz buttles, cherry bombs, nipsy daisers, and screaming mimis.

     The fireworks stand was one of many small businesses the Hales’ were involved in along with farming, cattle sales, and sportswear. Even during its humble beginnings, selling fireworks was always a family affair for the Hales. Bob and Jane’s four young sons helped out wherever they could at the fireworks stand, even if it meant testing out the firecrackers and booby traps.

     Robert Mitchell, the third son, became of an age when his dreams of blazing a trail west were almost realized. He instead decided he might like to help out with the family business. “You want to work the farm and sell cattle?” his parents asked him. “No, I think I want to sell fireworks!” Robert Mitchell exclaimed. It was then that “Mitch” dumped his life savings into the fireworks business with Bob and Jane and went to work.

     Wherever he went Mitch heard cries from the masses for fireworks. Well, Mitch got them fireworks. And yet there were too many people to please and he only had two hands. He resorted to drastic measures – he turned to his brothers for a little assistance.

     Mitch and his brothers have been selling fireworks ever since. The years have passed and now Mitch’s children and his brothers’ children are involved in the business. Pretty soon their children’s children will be stocking the shelves and giving you their best sales pitch.

     Although its been years since Bob has passed, Mitch and Jane are pushing Hale Fireworks forward faster than ever and it is their passion to bring you the very best in consumer fireworks. With a little help from their family and yours we can make that happen.

     Over the years, Hale Fireworks has exploded into a national force in retail, wholesale and importing fireworks.

     The small firecracker stand has grown into over 350 locations. Hale Fireworks has grown from buying wholesale to importing and designing their own fireworks that are sold across the entire United States.

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