Hale Fireworks



     If Hale Fireworks had a Hall of Fame Stuart would already be inducted in.

     Having worked for the company for over 15 years, Stuart has amassed many nicknames: Big Stu. The Tent Master. Pumpkin King. We couldn't get him to transform out of his beast form for this profile picture so he now resembles Red Hulk.

     Stuart helped his Dad in Star World fireworks, joined forces with Rainbow Fireworks and eventually ended up with Hale Fireworks. Stu has worked fireworks nearly all of his life and it shows. There's not many others with more tent setting knowledge than this guy. Stuart also is a huge part of Hale Fireworks offseason endeavors in the Pumpkin and Fall Harvest business.

     For such a big red monster, Stu is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet.