Hale Fireworks



Rocket Man

     When you meet Mitch it’s apparent why Hale Fireworks has become one of the biggest fireworks companies in the biz. The man in charge is superhuman. Mitch’s legendary work ethic and passion for selling fireworks is rivaled by no mortal man. He’s perfected the art of selling fireworks. It’s no big deal; he’s been practicing for over 30 years.

     Having discovered that you really only need 4 hours of sleep at night opened up tons of free time for Mitch to sell even MORE fireworks. When Mitch isn’t on the road visiting with customers and scouting out new territory you can find him getting into trouble with his slobbery sidekick Snow. Or trying to break his streak of making 14,972 free throws in a row.

     Mitch is full of stories, jokes and other tales from years of his crazy fireworks life.  Pick up one of his books or short stories and you can gaze into the mind of a creative writing genius.