Hale Fireworks



Jim doesn’t have time for this silly biography.

     There is work to be done and if there’s a more efficient way of doing said work, Jim’s the man for the job.

     Since joining the team, Jim has been a huge part of oiling the machine that is Hale Fireworks to make things run as smoothly as possible. If anything is broken and holding up production, you better find Jim and find him fast. Not only has he made our OPERATION: ASSORTMENT pump out thousands upon thousands of assortment packs, but he’s found ways to do it in record time.  These days Jim is managing our warehouse operations and finding ways to make life in the fireworks world more enjoyable!

     Jim is the guy who would do anything for you and always be there when you need him. We’re happy this lovable tinkerer is on our side because productivity is through the roof!