Hale Fireworks



     Does Kenny Chesney work for Hale Fireworks now? Nope, that’s Billy. When you are a fireworks rock star for over 20 years sometimes you get mistaken for an actual rock star – it’s part of the job.

     Billy has been part of the Hale Fireworks family since he was a young lad in high school. What started out as a summer job with the Hale boys and an easy way to generate beer money for the weekends turned into a full-fledged career as Mitch’s Number Two.

     Together with Mitch, Billy has helped steer the ship as the perfect storm that is the fireworks industry has thrown its nastiest tricks at them. He has learned to roll with the punches and put his body on the line for the company’s best interest – tearing a bicep while trying to carry a pallet of fireworks in each hand.  These days you can bet Billy is working hard on his "chinese" as he has stepped up for the company and is importing all our fireworks.