Hale Fireworks


     Hale Fireworks is one of America’s finest in consumer fireworks specializing in high quality fireworks, affordable pricing, family values and legendary performance. We are known far and wide for our large variety of products, top of the line brands, and for always striving to sell the best fireworks known to man.

     Hale Fireworks is one of the countries largest retailers with over 350 locations in Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama and South Dakota. Whether you visit one of our crazy multi-colored tents or state-of-the-art fireworks superstores, Hale Fireworks has exactly what you are looking for. Your backyard show is sure to draw a crowd from miles away!

     As a wholesaler, Hale Fireworks is there for you when your pyrotechnic needs are a little more than the average Joe’s. Want to sell your own fireworks? We supply some of the best brands in the business in Black Cat, Dominator, Legend, Winda, Firehawk, MIghty Max and Brothers Pyrotechnics along with Hale Exclusive brands Pyro Predator, Golden Bear, Shotgun and Ghost Shadow. Hale Fireworks has the most competitive wholesale prices and by far the most variety of high performance products.

     Hale Fireworks imports all of their fireworks directly from master Chinese technicians. Centuries of pyrotechnic perfection passed straight from us to you.

     Oh, and you know those big family pack assortments with a little bit of everything you could possibly want? Those are handmade everyday at Hale Headquarters in Buffalo, MO.